Imke Toborg

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Hello, I am a scientific assistent at the Institute of Mathematics of the Martin-Luther-Universität Halle Wittenberg.
There I am working with professor Rebecca Waldecker.

Consultation hours:

Just come and have a look if I am in my office or you write an email to make an appointment ;)

Interests of research:

I am focusing on finite groups.
In particular I am interested in the local analysis of finite groups and subgroup lattices.
Additionally I study algebraic aspects in functional equations especially Tabor groups that occur in investigations of stability of functional equations


  1. Towards the Z*_3-Theorem
    joint work with Rebecca Waldecker.
  2. The images of orthogonally additive mappings from inner product spaces to groups.
    Aequationes mathematicae, online since July 2018.
  3. On the functional equation f(x)+f(y)=max{f(xy),f(xy^{-1})} on groups
    Archiv der Mathematik, Volume 109 (2017), Issue 3, 215-221
  4. On stability of the Cauchy functional equation in groupoids
    Annales Mathematicae Silesianae, Volume 31 (2017), 155-164.
    joint work with Peter Volkmann
  5. A composite functional equation on groups.
    Aequationes mathematicae, Volume 90 (2017), 289-299.
  6. Local arguments for a theorem of Z*_3*-type.
    Journal of Algebra, Volume 452 (2016), 338-371.
  7. Tabor groups with finiteness conditions.
    Aequationes mathematicae, Volume 90 (2016), 699-704.
  8. Finite simple 3'-groups are cyclic or Suzuki groups.
    Archiv der Mathematik (2014), 301-312.
    joint work with R. Waldecker
  9. Lattice-defined classes of finite groups with modular Sylow subgroups.
    Journal of Group Theory 14 (2011), no. 5, 747-764.
    joint work with S. Andreeva und R. Schmidt


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